Take-Out Menu

Made hot and ready once you order, our take-out menu is full of delicious choices! Contactless PICK-UP Available

Did you know you can order your breakfast ahead of time (even the night before) so it's ready to grab on the go!

Order something different for you and the whole office this week with our updated lunch menu and weekly specials. 

With over 30 different desserts to choose from how can you not add one of these delicious treats to your take-out order?

Sides are automatically included in all of our COMBO MEALS but if you're feeling snack-ish this is a great place to start.



Our breakfasts are served all day long. Homemade home fries, strawberry jam and eggs just the way you like them!


All your favourite things, now with your choice of beverage and side (add poutine for $2 extra)!



Make lunchtime your favourite time. We've got you covered with wraps, sandwiches, soups and more!


All the sweetest things in life are worth waiting for. But why wait for dessert when you can have it now?




FREEZER MEAL ORDERS typically require 24-48hrs in advance.

BAKERY ORDERS typically require 24-48hrs advance.

Planning ahead for Dinner?

We love being able to serve our community by offering a variety of affordable meal options.

Did you know that we offer "Ready to Heat" FREEZER MEALS (available in Family Size, Hungry Man or Senior/Child Portion) and a wide selection of made-to-order BAKED GOODS such as Cakes, Pies, Platters and more!